looking down on you from tha sky

The weekend past I finally had the opportunity to meet up with a friend of mine for brunch.  We met downtown at a swanky rooftop lounge called Perch.  It being a rooftop restaurant I wanted to sit outside but I wasn't "important" enough, my cock wasn't "familiar" enough, my wallet wasn't "Louis Vuitton" enough.  Maybe they just didn't have an open table.

The entire experience was awesomely uplifting and revitalizing.  This friend of mine, she's one of those people who really kicks ass, who stays busy, puts others before herself, is honest, exemplifies humility, is fun, funny, intelligent, prescient and cognitive.  She has experienced much in her short life, to the varying degrees of good and bad, and has come out a healthier, smarter and stronger person for it. She works hard -- she is a writer's assistant on a cable tv show, just wrote her first script for the show (which is currently in production), and will soon be a staff writer.  She, as I like to say, "gets it."

She is also one of the friends I never get to see.  The friend you really like, connect with and get along with, but for some odd reason you just never convene.  Some of this friendshiplessness can be attributed to laziness, to forgetfulness, or most likely, to lack of available time.  This is a painful admission because friendships like these should supersede your schedule, but when you're successful and having fun at it, you don't think you're missing out until you realize it -- sitting there with her, having brunch with a friend who really kicks ass, at a rooftop lounge in downtown L.A. on a Sunday morning.

Omelets, cocktails, laughter, live jazz.  You literally cannot get much higher.

if they knew this was my house...

if they knew this was my house...