Our film Remember Me screened this weekend past at the 2016 Gasparilla International Film Festival. The feature length comedy was written and directed by Steve Goldbloom and stars EGOT winner and 2016 Kennedy Center honoree Rita Moreno.... and me.

I attended the award ceremony on behalf of the film where I surprisingly won the Grand Jury award for Best Male Performance!!  It was entirely unexpected and I'm still bewildered by it all.  I keep thinking there must have a been a miscalculation, a voting error, a miscount.  This is, after all, the home of the hanging chad.

Nonetheless, I made it back home to Los Angeles with the award safely in tow and promptly hid it before the festival realizes their mistake.

Thanks to my writer, director, co-star, and best friend Steve Goldbloom for all the support!


I've been lucky enough to book some commercials lately, a couple of which are below.

A small favor -- rush out and buy 10 of the advertised products/brands IMMEDIATELY and write them a personal memo explaining that you only did so because of that guy in the advertisement, making no reference to this post whatsoever.

This thing got picked up by NBC/Comcast SportsNet

My good buddy Mike Metz (worked in the Californication writer's room, among others) called to gauge my interest in a baseball short that he had written.  He said their first choice and huge SF Giants fan Colin Hanks had passed due to lack of time, or maybe interest, or probably both.  So the role fell to me.  Knowing nothing about baseball and wanting to prove Hanksy-poo dead wrong, I gladly accepted.

Since then, it has accumulated a shitload of views and was recently picked up by NBC/Comcast SportsNet as their first foray in original content.


Phone's ringing, Dude.

Been an amazing couple of weeks here, and I'll tell you why -- 

My brother, Trevor, and I finally shot the pilot episode of AD GUYS, the web series we've been working on our entire lives and wrapped this weekend. It was literally the first time we worked together and we, literally, fucking crushed it. With the assistance of some of the most helpful, talented and generous cast and crew, we pulled off the un-pulloffable. I'm extremely proud of my brother, the project and everyone involved.

Slate from day 1 of  Ad Guys "Pilot"

Slate from day 1 of Ad Guys "Pilot"

To our director, Brian Firenzi, the enigmatic brilliance behind 5secondfilms, and our DP, Jon Salmon, another prodigal mastermind and superGod of 5sf, who were positively tits to work with.

To our actors -- the inimitable import Dom Burgess, the man-myth-legend-GayThor Mark Forbes Harley, and one of the most delightful and beautiful woman I've ever seen with mine own two eyes, Caitlin Leahy.

To Michael Flowe, one of the most professional badasses in the sound department I've ever come across, who heard everything.

To Amber McCall, who had the extraordinary make-up ability to somehow turn me beautiful, to Joey Scoma, who knew a whole lot more about lighting than I do and Tomm Jacobsen, who noticed we were drinking Crystal Lake brand water while shooting on Friday the 13th, and to Natasha Pirouzian and Kevin Zener, for lending necessary help.

And to our producer, Michael Tapia, who kept me from destroying Trevor... thank you, thank you, thank you.


Answer the phone.  It's ringing, dude...